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    The primary responsibility of the SDSC Project Advisory Council (PAC) is to review proposals submitted to the TRO program. The PAC membership reflects a broad range of disciplines, echoing the diversity of disciplines at UCSD interested in high performance computing and cyberinfrastructure, and SDSC's desire to support applications across a diverse set of disciplines.

    Current members:

    1. Scott Baden, Department of Computer Science and Engineering
    2. Chaitanya Baru (Chair), SDSC
    3. Dan Cayan, SIO
    4. Luc Declerck, UCSD Library
    5. Mark Ellisman, UCSD School of Medicine; NCMIR; CRBS
    6. Terry Gaasterland, SIO
    7. Falko Kuester, Department of Structural Engineering; Calit2
    8. Michael Norman, SDSC
    9. Kevin Patrick, UCSD School of Medicine; Calit2
    10. Terry Sejnowski, UCSD Division of Biological Sciences; Salk Institute