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  • Advanced Query Processing Laboratory

    The Advanced Query Processing Laboratory specializes in developing formalisms and techniques in different aspects of query processing. We work on problems of information integration over heterogeneous data models, graph databases, management of ontological information systems, and their applications in various domain sciences. A large part of our work is directed toward biological applications.

    Expertise: <ul> <li>Modeling with RDF, XML, Relational data</li> <li>Scientific Information System Development</li> <li>Ontology Development</li> <li>Ontology Management Systems</li> <li>View and Ontology-based Information Integration</li> <li>Semantic Query Processing</li> <li>Biological Network Modeling</li> </ul>

    Current projects: <ul> <li>Neuroscience Information Framework</li> <li>CAMERA</li> <li>Biological Networks</li> <li>Frontiers in Biological Research</li> </ul>

    Team members: