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  • SDSC Education Group

    The Education group at the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) offers a wide range of community outreach programs that bring cutting-edge research and science curriculum to students, teachers and parents. SDSC provides support to both local and national entities that promote mathematics and science education for K-12, undergraduate, and graduate level students. The San Diego Supercomputer Center invites you to explore our site and see what exciting programs we offer to teachers and students.

    Expertise: <ul> <li>Computational science education</li> <li>Introduction to supercomputing tools</li> <li>Technology-enhanced education</li> <li>Teacher professional development</li> <li>Educational portal development</li> <li>Using scientific data in K-14 classrooms</li> <li>Informal education</li> <li>Technology tools training</li> </ul>

    Current projects: <ul> <li>TeraGrid Education, Outreach, and Training (GIG and RP-supported)</li> <li><a href="http://education.sdsc.edu/discoverdata">SDSC Discover Data Portal</a></li> <li><a href="http://education.sdsc.edu/teachertech">SDSC TeacherTECH</a> (Professional development for K-16 educators)</li> <li>SDSC StudentTech (Introduction to advanced technology tools for students)</li> <li>Information Technology - Engineering and Environmental Education Tools (ITETools), an NSF ITEST-funded project, Jeanne Ferrante, PI., Jacobs School of Engineering, UCSD (SDSC element includes development of an educational MMO game)</li> <li>Be WiSE programs (informal STEM education programs for secondary school girls)</li> <li>Community Well-Being Coalition founding partner (UCSD Inter-disciplinary, integrated research and education project that develops and delivers technology-enriched health education, and economic development programs in southeast San Diego communites, through partnerships with community and neighborhood organizations)</li> <li>NEH-funded HPC fot he Humanities Workshops</li> <li>And much more...</li> </ul>

    Team members: <ul> <li><b>Diane Baxter</b> Deputy Education Director</li> <li><b>Angela Mason</b> Education Program Manager</li> <li><b>Jeff Sale</b> Portal Developer, Programmer, and Instructor</li> </ul>

    Website: http://education.sdsc.edu