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  • Next Generation Tools for Biology

    Next Generation Tools for Biology focuses on creating enabling software tools and infrastructure for Biology and Biomedical Applications. The program takes advantage of the unique character of the San Diego Supercomputer Center, by initiating projects that combine emerging techniques from computer science and biology research communities with best practices in software development. The goal is to create end-to-end solutions that link educators and scientists to high end data and computational resources without requiring them to know PERL or SQL.


    Current projects:

    Team members: <ul> <li><b>Mark Miller</b> Prinicipal Investigator, Biology</li> <li><b>Jeremy Carver</b> Software Engineer</li> <li><b>Lucie Chan</b> Senior Software Engineer</li> <li><b>Cassie Graff</b> Intern</li> <li><b>Paul Hoover</b> Senior Software Engineer</li> <li><b>Terri Liebowitz</b> Senior Software Engineer</li> </ul>

    Website: http://www.sdsc.edu/~mmiller