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  • SDSC Expertise

     Sriram Krishnan

    • Funding Source: NSF, NIH, Moore Foundation
    • Senior Distributed Systems Researcher and Group Leader
    • Expertise: Services-oriented science, Cyberinfrastructures for science and engineering, Web services, Grid and Cloud computing, Scientific workflows
    • Phone: (858) 822-5425
    • Email: sriram@sdsc.edu
    • Website: http://users.sdsc.edu/~sriram

     Ilkay Altintas

    • Funding Source: # National Science Foundation (OCI, BIO, CISE), DOE Scidac, Moore Foundation # CI-RED Deputy Coordinator, Research
    • Director, Scientific Workflow Automation Technologies (SWAT) Laboratory
    • Expertise: Scientific workflows, Provenance of scientific data and processes, Streaming data architectures, Science and engineering Cyberinfrastructure for sensor
    • Phone: (858) 822-5453
    • Email: altintas@sdsc.edu
    • Website: http://users.sdsc.edu/~altintas