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  • SDSC Expertise

     John Joseph Helly

    • Funding Source: NSF, ONR, NASA, NIH, State of California
    • Director, Laboratory for Environmental and Earth Science
    • Expertise: Remote Sensing, Realtime Data Aquisition, Wireless Sensor Networks, Hydrology, Geophysics, Physical and Biological Oceanography, Climate Science, Coastal Management, Geospatial Analysis, Mathematical Modeling, Space Systems Architecture, Hybrid Computational Environments, Data Analysis and Statistics, Visualization
    • Phone: (858) 534-5060
    • Email: hellyj@ucsd.edu
    • Website: http://www.sdsc.edu/~hellyj

     Karen Ingeborg Stocks

    • Funding Source: NSF (GEO and BIO), Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Natural Resources Defense Council, National Ocean Partnership Program
    • Assistant Research Scientist at SDSC
    • Expertise: Information Technology/domain-scientist interface for applications in Ecology and Oceanography
    • Phone: (858) 534-5009
    • Email: kstocks@sdsc.edu
    • Website: http://pacific.sdsc.edu/seamounts/static/stockspage.php