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  • SDSC Expertise

     Natasha Balac

    • Funding Source: HHSOHDS/Miscellaneous Agencies & DE
    • CI-RED Deputy Coordinator, R&D Services
    • Expertise: Data mining, large data management and analysis, portals, scientific data management, data intensive computing
    • Phone: (858) 534-5161
    • Email: natashab@sdsc.edu

     Amarnath Gupta

    • Funding Source: NSF, NIH, National Archives, Moore Foundation, Connell Foundation, Keck Graduate Institute
    • Director, Advanced Query Processing Laboratory in Data and Knowledge Systems group
    • Expertise: Research: Information integration techniques, Graph Query Language and Processors, Ontology Management, Multimedia Information Retrieval; CI Design/Implementation: Information and Knowledge management in Cyberinfrastructure: Multi-domain Scientific information systems, Domain-specific computation/analysis and data mining systems, Interface between domain science, computer science and CI design
    • Phone: (858) 822-0994
    • Email: gupta@sdsc.edu
    • Website: http://www.sdsc.edu/~gupta