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  • SDSC Expertise

     Kim K. Baldridge

    • Funding Source: HHSOHDS/Miscellaneous Agencies, U.S.-ISRAEL Binat'l Science Foundation, Capital University, NSF, DN Space & Naval Warfare Systems CO
    • Principal Investigator, Baldridge Research Group, Theoretical Chemistry and Computational Grid Applications, The Institute of Organic Chemistry (OCI) at the University of Zurich
    • Expertise: Computational Chemistry, Development of Software, Middleware, Tools for Analysis
    • Phone:
    • Email: kimb@oci.unizh.ch
    • Website: http://www.oci.uzh.ch/group.pages/baldridge/index.php

     Ross Charles Walker

    • Funding Source: DOE Washington, D.C., UCLab
    • Assistant Research Professor at SDSC
    • Expertise: HPC, Computational Chemistry, Computational Molecular Biology (QM/MM and Classical Molecular Dynamics, AMBER and CHARMM developer, Biofuels, Enzyme reactivity)
    • Phone: (858) 822-0854
    • Email: rcw@sdsc.edu
    • Website: http://www.rosswalker.co.uk